I cant login into ERPNext after fresh installation

I was able to login into my ERPNext site in developer mode that is

after executing
bench start. it works. login works even in remote machine.

Now when i want to deploy the same as production using nginx and supervisor it completed without any flaws. I cannot login into my ERPNext Site from local server or any remote machine. the site too looked different this time as if CSS and all didnt load. please help me out of this.

What could have went wrong when i deployed for production. it was working fine in development. I want to use my ERPNext site as a production server


hi @ninjas
please check the nginx & supervisior setting in your current site.
please share the error screenshot.

This is how it shows in production mode…

This is how it shows in development mode…

I switched off nginx (port 8099) and used
bench serve --port 8099
so both will show same port number. and while production i stopped bench and started my nginx port.

In production mode, you go to port 80 i.e. the default port

am having a apache site working there. i am planning to use proxy pass method with domain name after i have my ERPNext site up. Hve pointed my nginx port to 8099 in /etc/nginx/conf.d/frappe.conf