I can't save changes when i Customize Payment Entry Form in ERP next

Hi, I can’t save changes when I Customize the Journal Entry Form in ERP next. I want to edit mandatory fields in a table in accounting entries where I Don’t want to insert party type and party name every time I inserted a new record in the Journal entry. but the quick entry made it possible to enter an account for debit and credit, but I only can insert two records.

@Riri Typically you cannot modify a standard field in a doctype using the customize form. However if you wish to make that change then you have to do it by turning on developer mode and using Customize Doctype to be able to make your changes.

I’m in production mode… could you please guide me to turn into development mode

@Riri go to /frappe-bench/sites/your_site_name and edit the site_config.json file and add the line "developer_mode": 1, then run bench build, bench migrate and bench restart in your frappe-bench directory and you should be able to see Edit Doctype in the menu options. Once you are done editing the doctype you can go back and remove the line and repeat the other steps.

@flexy2ky I couldn’t go to the directory because I installed it on docker. I only can go to frappe-docker folder

O well… not really familiar with Docker so I can’t help you there unfortunately. Perhaps someone with more experience with docker can help?

Thank you. @flexy2ky

Generally speaking, you can access a docker instance by running bash (or some other shell) with an exec command:

docker exec -it CONTAINER_ID /bin/bash

(you can find your container id by running bash ps)

Note that any changes you make to source files while in developer mode will be wiped out at the next update. Generally speaking, it’s not a great idea to make mandatory fields non-mandatory, as the backend often expects this information to be available.

Here specifically, Party Type and Party Name should be mandatory only for accounts marked payable or receivable. If you override that requirement, your accounting information may not be reliable.

@peterg sure sir. I will take the advice. my main problem is I can’t enter the credit and debit amount quickly. quick entry allow me to affect only two transactions and every time when I try to insert new account it requires me to give a party type. and that was a headache. but advice is taken thank you.

“Here specifically, Party Type and Party Name should be mandatory only for accounts marked payable or receivable” saved me

hey peter bag, do you have any idea on how to make more choices available in payable types of accounts in journal entries? for instance, I want to add customers to appear in payable types of accounts.