I can't see developer mode Frappe v13 and ERPNext v13

I can’t see developer mode on the desktop and I have previously activated developer mode. I have installed version 13 of both frappe and ERPNext. Can someone help me please

You need to add "developer_mode": 1 in your site_config.json file

I have already done this however I still do not see the development mode

Can you elaborate on what do you mean by “seeing developer mode”

If you can create and edit standard doctypes that means you have developer mode enabled.

I can actually create and edit doctypes, but I can’t see it in the development module on the desktop.

I want to visualize the development module to be able to use Jinja and other things.

I think there is some misunderstanding.

There is no development module in erpnext/frappe per se.

You can customise with Jinja in fields which support it like in Email Template.

You can use “Custom Scripts” for customising client-side behavior and “Server Scripts” for customising server side behaviour (needs to be enabled)

Sorry I think I have misunderstood. It’s okay I’ll use custom scripts to make use of jinja. However, I understand that I must be able to view the custom applications that I install on the desktop and I cannot view them, just search for them to add the creation of custom doctypes.