I can't update a quotation after I submit it

Hello, I have a custom field in Quotation where “Allow on submit” is checked. After submitting the quotation, the email screen pops up and I send the quotation to the lead. If I try to update that custom field after that, the following error will pop and will not save/update:

Status cannot be “Replied”. It should be one of “Draft”, “Submitted”, “Ordered”, “Lost”, “Cancelled”

How to go about it?


Submitted “Quotation” can not be update.
If you want to update:- you cancel it first .then “Amend”
make changes and submit it again.But this changes not reflected to Lead.

Shraddha Ranjane

I can update quotation (update my custom field) after submission if the status is “submitted”, But if I send the quotation by email from the system, then its status becomes “replied” then i get the above error and I can’t update.

Are you running the latest version, this has been fixed.

Hello rmehta, I installed it 2 months back. I suppose it’s latest, isn’t it?

A lot changes in 2 months.

If you are running bench, do bench update to get the latest version.