I cant use custom doctype on webform

I made a custom doctype and now when I select web form. I cant sellect it on the doctype to use? Also is there a way to turn off the custom check mark on a custom doctype? that is the only thing that might affect it.

You need to be on a development environment to be able to untick that checkbox. What’s your ERPNext setup?

I did that but now I have a new problem. I am able to get the webform up but it does not seem to be submitting any information back. Is there another step that is involved that I am missing?

When You use a web form, does it allow you to do an automated task in the docktype . Say for example. customer signs up for dont know, web hosting or mlm marketing, anything.

Is it possible to use the web form to submit the data back to do the automated task or do you need to do the automated task another way? such as the website builder

There might be a different issue with the form itself. Unfortunately Frappe is not very clear with errors. Maybe check your logs. Could be something like a Mandatory field that wasn’t filled.

You’ll have to code this. There is probably no other way around it.