I created a Pro forma Invoice from a submitted Sales Order - now I need to change the values and quantities

I created a new print format for a Pro Forma Invoice from the Sales Order Form.
I need to create a pro forma invoice, but for a portion of the sales order, not the entire amount. However, since the sales order is submitted, I cannot edit the quantities.

We hardly ever create quotations, but we always create a Purchase Order, hence my creation of the Pro Forma Invoice from a sales order.

Hi Crafter,

Interesting question.

We are in this phase of implementing ERPNext as well.
Also looking for the pro-forma.
We are now looking at the Payment Request functionality that is available from the Sales Order.

Anybody out there that is already generating pro-formas from ERPNext?

generally creating a print format for the Sales Order with just the headline Proforma Invoice seems to be the “near-official-hack” for addressing this

@crafter this does not answer your question but I’d like to make some comments

  1. if the entire project is going through as per this Sales Order … what would be the reall need of a partial Proforma Invoice? If it is payment … within the logic of ERPNext (and business a suppose) there is no problem of haveing partial payments on a single documents

  2. If you actually want to change the scope/quantities of the Sale you are making I would not see anything speaking against cancelling and amending the SO document (which will give you a SO-xxxx-1 version of it even with the posibility to track how the original document looked like.)

Good points @vrms.

The business convention in my country is to use a Pro-Forma Invoice as a demand for payment. Sometimes it is part payment, for example as a deposit. That is why my requirement to change the values.

I looked at cancelling and amending, but the workflow becomes too complex for what should be a standard communication.

I am going to look into the demand for payment as suggested by @jkeersmaekers.

I also considered a delivery note self styled into a pro forma invoice because I can cancel and amend quantities. I’ll let you know how that works out for me.

so u are obliged to create a proforma invoice for each installment matching the installments value?

Creating a pro forma is not mandatory. It is used mostly in the cases where a payment demand is made to secure the order. An invoice will not work here because the client may not pay, thus forcing a credit order, which brings with it issues of accounting and tax admin.

Even though I doubt it will be spot on (without much deep diving into this though) I think experimenting with …

  • Sales Order (as Proforma Invoice)
  • Payment Terms
  • Payment reminder

…may get you somewhere close to what you are trying to achieve.

If you find a good way to do this it would be nice whether you can post the process as a tutorial in here. I could imagine there may be others who’d like to have such a workflow

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Hi Crafter

Did you find a solution for this?


I did not, unfortunately.