I created an existing asset using asset form but it saved only as a draft, how do i submit it?

I created an existing asset using the asset form, inputting every necessary detail required but it saved as a Draft. How do I submit it?
I thought it’s only a new asset that requires creation with Purchase Receipt. Is it also applicable to an old asset?

did you check your permission btw? there is Submit Permission for Assets.
go to desk#permission-manager/Asset and select your role and control permission.

@emmakezie What version are of ERPNext and Frappe are you using?

Is the system is mandatorily asking for Receipt input? Check the previous answer to review permissions. If the issue is due to the Receipt, make sure that Is Existing Asset is checked

Sir how do i check the version?

On the top bar, click on Help > About. This will display the version you’re using.