I found VPS hosting for a good price. Does Anyone use these ones with ERPNext?

I found 2 VPS hostings for a great price.


I saw both of them offer a lot of RAM and disk space. I have not tried them.

Does anyone has used one of them with ERPNext?

More VPS hosting:




Be careful what you buy.
I started with no knowledge of VPS servers and wound up going through several “types” of VPS servers before I found a combination of options that worked.

In general there are 2 main types of VPS server one is based on OpenVZ technology and the other is referred to as KVM type VPS server. The main differences are in what is and is NOT allowed.

I wound up settling on the KVM style of VPS server for the following reasons:

  • KVM servers allow “swap” space where OpenVZ did not (ERPNext requires about 1gb of swap space)
  • KVM servers allow for upgrading the memory and disk space easily
  • KVM servers had (in my case) wider selection of Linux OS options

You can find cheap servers all over the place, but if you want one that works reliably all the time, it is going to cost a little more.

The biggest stumbling block is the swap space. Most cheap advertised VPS servers do not have it and you cannot enable it once you get the server. ERPNext will not complete the install without it.

Not much to go on but at least you can call them and ask some questions. I had to do that in order to figure out that I needed the KVM style VPS server.

Once I found a host that was close enough to me to give fast access and ping times, I just keep going back to them for all of my hosting.

Just my opinion here… your mileage may vary :grin:



BTW… if you only want to try out ERPNext you might look to a Google Cloud Platform account. It is easy to use and allows ‘most’ of the options you will be experimenting on. About the only thing I found you cannot do there is email because they lock down all of the ports. After all it is only supposed to be a development and testing environment.

Plus, you can get a free account for up to a year. That is where I started learning and experimenting with ERPNext a long time ago.


We are using the new CX series from Hetzner : https://www.hetzner.com/cloud. The performance has been very good!

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I run ERPNext on Contabo.

I Have some instability but that doesn’t have anything to do with the VPS from contabo but with Redis giving me some problems now and then.

The uptime of the VPS is very good so far.

I also have a VPS at Time4vps.eu, good for doing some testing work or as a backup server as their storage plans are very cheap, but if you want some more performance, Contabo is hard to beat.


To @bkm post I like to add backup option and users creation. Vultr gives both options. Backup costs 20% of VPS which can be daily, every second day or weekly. Multiple users with different rights can be assigned at free pricing. Digital Ocean has weekly backup option and charges for additional users.


I use Contabo too
I don’t have problem with them so far.

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I use Linode who I’ve always found excellent.


Good explanation.

I’m going to research another alternatives of VPS hosting and sharing with community for seeing between all of us the best ones. :wink:


I just updated the post with another VPS hosting alternatives with a good price.

If anyone of you have used one of them with ERPNext, please share your experience.


I am currently working a client that will have more than 500 concurrent users in erpnext. I know I am going to use dedicated server of the vps company. Can any recommend the spec of such dedicated server and best reliable vps to host.I currently use Google clouds ,and I have not experienced any disappointment so far but I am hesitant using them for this project because of the volume of traffic to the server

hi there, with this huge workload, you will need to think of more than which vps to use. It would be best if you sort of think it in an architectural way. it is not the same way you would cook for a family of 4 vs. a wedding dinner party of 500 concurrent people. You will need load balancers, multiple webservers, a reliable backend db and other jobs.

you could also use a beefy vps. not sure how it would respond or how reliable it would be.

Looking to hear from you how you progress.

ERPNext does not scale horizontally. You can get a huge server from online.net (this is what the folks at ERPNext hosting use). I actually recommend separating the whole thing into two. Use a cloud database service that scales easily to handle the database instead of having it on the VPS itself.

You wanna do it better, you start looking at load balancing

Hi, how did you solve this?

I recently used one from your list and found it to be very slow. It appears they have oversold their server space and the performance is well below minimum to run ERPNext. Even the login page times out and they were not very responsive to fixing it.

This was https://www.vpscheap.net/

I did not hyperlink it because I felt the service was not worth your time to look.

However, on the better side of things, I have found 2 additional services that seem to perform quite well. These are US based services:

  • https://www.interserver.net/
    Interserver is based in New Jersey and has server farms in NJ, NY, and LA. They own all of their own equipment and you are not getting third party sub-leased space on some other mass server company. You can get a 4gb 2CPU (KVM) VPS from them for $12/month and it comes with the ability to create and keep a complete image backup for free. I currently run several 10gb 5CPU core servers there for only $36/month each. Best stability I have found to date.

  • https://www.hostflyte.com/
    HostFlyte is a relatively new server company and they also own their own equipment. Lately I have found this to be important when trying to find reliable hosting. They post a different strategy of giving you lass memory but double the CPU cores for a low price. If you watch for their specials on https://lowendbox.com you can get some really good deals. My most recent server from them is on of the ‘special deals’ and it performs as well as my Interserver accounts. I think I prepaid for a 1 year contract for the server and it is 4gb with 2CPU cores for $39 for the whole year (but this was only available from the lowendbox website). The only thing it does not have is the free image backup. Backup services have to be worked out with the sales and support department there. Even their regular priced servers are quite nice. I have a 2gb 4CPU cores VPS that runs me $10/month but has really impressive processing power.

My favorite is Interserver because I have over a year of reliability track record with them.

Hope that helps.


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DigitalOcean has been super easy to use and I have several droplets (VMs) hosted with them. Easy to scale up when you need to increase capacity/RAM. Highly recommended, never had any issues.

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Same great experience with Digital Ocean here

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I always use vultr. Usually I separate frappe and mariadb server. It didn’t come with its own VPN service, so we have to create another server as router to connect to VPN tunnel to the bank network.

Linode is my second recommendation, especially if you need a memory optimized VM, maybe for mariadb. They also have monitoring service without having to install one in one of our server.

would u mind to specify which of the CX servers u are using and how many users do you have?