I got Mac Studio with m1 Ultra, what next?

Hello community. Just picked up 2 Mac Studio with m1 Ultra chips, each with 128gb ram and 4tb storages.

We’re running Parallels Desktop app to create isolated Ubuntu environment, and run Frappe in it. Python 3.10, Frappe v14.

We’re allocating 100gb ram and all CPU (20) cores :slight_smile: and now, where else do we need to change configs to make the best out of all these? What are the Frappe specific tune-ups for MariaDB? What should we do with gunicorn workers? How about nginx specific configs…? etc etc etc :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. And yes, we’re gonna use all that horse power through Frappe :slight_smile:

Why go through all these hoops for using Mac instead of just using x86 linux server? :sweat_smile:


Are we talking about a development setup? If yes, you don’t need a separate Ubuntu environment, you can run it natively on Mac.

For production, just use a Linux server (or Frappe Cloud).

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For both development and production actually :slight_smile: we’re running Linux server inside the macOS for both purposes.

Thanks guys!