I have 3 Apps. So I have 3 hooks.py. Scheduler does not fire for all hooks

I have 3 apps and so I have 3 hooks.py files. I have scheduled event for all 3 apps individually. There are 2 different sites, one with 2 apps and other with 3 apps. Idea is not to fire the scheduled events, if the app is not installed in a site.

Events fire only for 1 hook and the other hooks don’t fire even I installed all 3 apps. Is this by design or is this a normal behavior?

Thanks for the support.

@Rajkumar_Thasma the event’s are only fired if the app is installed in the target site.

It’s by design

Yes, the app is installed in the Site, if you read my previous statement closely. It still does not fire. Only one hooks.py fires. So I removed the app. Then the other app hooks.py fires.

The way in which I run this to test is using Trigger-Scheduler-Events.


In short, how do I clear the Scheduler Queue? Should I restart the Server? Would that Fix or is there any command to clear the Queues? Thanks

Well, I used command sudo supervisorctl restart all…and this took care of the issues. Thanks