I have a weird error with doctypes

hi all
i don’t know how to explain what happens
recently i’m creating a doctypes
the error when i click on close on task doctype
i get this error

Row #13: Status cannot be “Shipping Price List Deal”. It should be one of “Open”, “Working”, “Pending Review”, “Overdue”, “Closed”, “Cancelled”

the Shipping Price List Deal is a doctype i’ve created
P.S. i am in production mode

Try this:
Refresh browser
Open Task
In the console, enter cur_frm.doc.status
Now repeat by first going to Shipping Price List Deal.
I’d guess you have some javascript that’s persisting across doctypes, probably because you’re assigning something to cur_frm.doc.status instead of frm.doc.status

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Thank you
the problem Was with javascript As you said

In my experience, the scope problems (frm.doc vs cur_frm.doc) are usually harder to find than this, but this is a good reason to default to frm.doc unless there’s a reason not to