I have create a doctype but it's not shown

hey all ,
i have create 2 doctypes inside education module , and i have unchecked the custom ? to build the js and py files .
but the 2 doctype not listed inside the education module , if i check the custom thay return to list under setup
so how i can list him inside the education module while the custom is unchecked !!

and i have another question i have create a custom script for one of these doctype , do i will lost the script after unchecked custom !!!

Note : i can found them in global search , any one can help me with that !

i have try to add the doctype inside


but not work
@Nahuel_Nso can you help me with this problem !

any one here to help !!

I’m facing the same issue!

did you find any solution !!

So far no luck. However, I’ve notice that in v12 “Custom?” must be checked, for a custom Doctype to show in the Module.
I’ve also notice that only custom Doctypes will be ignored from the my-app.py file, Default Erpnext Doctypes and Custom reports have no issue.

And if you tried to change the “Show in Module Section” to any other than (Null, Setup, Document) the Doctypes won’t show even with “Custom?” checked.

I’ve faced this issue only with
ERPNext: v12.5.1 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.3.0 (version-12)
when I moved my custom app from v11

I have another clean instance running ERPNext: v12.5.0 with different custom app and all is working well.

i’m working on it hope i will have a solution , thank you @Muad96
when i have a solution i will post it here


I’ve replaced moduuleview.py with the following

And now my DocTypes are appeared as they should!
Please note that this is not a solution, I’m just trying to figure out the source of the issue.


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i will try to take a copy before that and i will told you if it’s work for me
thank you so much @Muad96

Also note that if “Custom?” is checked, the Doctype will show again duplicated under “Setup”

ok i will note that as well , thank you :slight_smile::heartbeat:

After configuring the config/education.py correctly you have to restart bench to take effect.

even I am also facing the same problem, could u please help me If you find any solution