I have done a work flow

i have done a work flow for leave approval 2 stages are there
Recommender then approver

the issue is there is 2 recommender and 2 approver for each department how can that employee on departments “A” leave application go to specific department “A” recommender and Approver

you can write the code in the Conditions based

Yes i have done it bro

But there is a problem when a application from wss department apply for leave it is also going to rd department recommender and approver only the Wss recommender and approver can approve or reject

Screenshot 2023-10-20 171148

@Shubham_Prabhat1 @Krishn @bahaou

you want to exactly,

If a WSS is creating a request, to whom should this request go?"


WSS Recomender and approver

ist the wss recomender approve or reject after
wss approver approve or reject

the application should not go to rd

i think, you’ve to write script based on list view

i didnt get you

Hello @amal_31845 , can you help me? I don’t know how to create the workflow. This one is not working.