I have found bug in rounding

Hello, I have found a bug in the system and it is concerning to rounding.

Please see this Sales Order product:

This shows the net price. The tax is 19%, so the total is shown in the following picture:

Well… that Sales Order will be paid monthly, during 1 year. So I created this payment plan:

When trying to save the sales Order, this error occurs:


This means:

“The total amount of the payment in the payment schedule must be equal to the total / rounded Total”

I know where the problem is, however, the program has problems in rounding. To avoid this, it should use ALL decimals for every calculation, If one rounds, for example, to 2 decimals and sum the values, of course, totals will never match.

Is there a workaround for now?



No solution? I have finally cooked this way:

This is not real, because the last invoice amount will be 2.86 and I will receive payment for 2.86.

Do you see that in order to make ERPNext happy, I needed to change the amount which is not real?

I hope you will solve this a.s.a.p.


Other case:

Monthly payment will be $ 368,900, however, that configured amounts were the way the sales order could be saved.

I found that ERPNext takes care absolutely about percentages and the amount is calculated automatically.

I think this is wrong. Invoice percentage could be only a reference, but not decides if the sales order can be saved or not. You should know that percentage is a decimal number. In a lot of cases, like this one, the real resulting percentage is 16,6666666667% (a periodic decimal). That is why you cannot trust on the percentages.

I hope you can solve this in the near future.

In all of this cases, I will need to remember the real amounts when I generate the corresponding invoices.