I have installed ERPNext using easy install, I want to add HRMS system but encountered difficulties

Hi All,

I have been using ERPNext since version 7 and until 12, so far so good, just I do not update my systems.

Recently I setup ERPNext for one of my friend on a new server, just noticed that now it is using Frappe_docker. And I also noticed that the HRMS system is not included, so I decided to install HRMS system but encountered some problem.

  1. I want to run bench command, which is stated in the HRMS system github page, but bench command is not able to run, the system can not find bench command.

  2. So I noticed that because now it is using docker, so I need to run command like “docker-compose -p project_name exec backend bench get-app hrms” , but when I run this command, the system told me that docker-compose is not found, I need to either use “sudo snap install docker” or “sudo apt install docker-compose”

  3. I installed docker using “sudo snap install docker” , now can run docker-compose, but it told me that “service “backend” is not running container #1”, then I use “docker-compose ps” checked there is no container at all, then I think it might be due to snap docker is not the correct solution, so I removed snap docker.

  4. Then I use “sudo apt install docker-compose”, this time command can run, but nothing happens, I use “docker-compose ps” check also shows no container, so I thought might need to reboot the system, so I run “sudo reboot now”, and wait it reboot, then the site or server is down? I thought reboot the system shall not affect the website, as previous versions reboot server the site will be live soon. Then no choice, I have to restore the server to my previous snapshot.

  5. Even after I restored to the snapshot before I install the “docker” or “docker-compose”, the site is still down. Means once the server is reboot, the site is not working anymore? How to start everything again?

Add: I found command “docker compose” is able to work, but on github frappe-docker it is suggest with “docker-compose” command, and also, after restore the VPS, I have no containers running anymore, that’s why my site is down.

It is my experience as an ERPNext long term old user, who is not so technical savvy, and not that familiar with the command system and docker. Please help to advice how can I install the HRMS system?

And how to prevent the system down if the server is reboot, as sometimes, the server side scheduled maintenance will also reboot the server.

Really appreciate the help.

Refer this Frequently Asked Questions · frappe/frappe_docker Wiki · GitHub

Install docker using apt-get.