I have many leave approver

in my case, i have many of leave approvers, and i set them up to department leave approver

when there some employees apply for leave, and email sent to all leave apporver

how do send an email just for leave approver in each department only


Hi @aqilmujahidiin,

  • ‘Follow via Email’ checkbox to send notification of the Leave Application to the Leave Approver.
  • Once the Employee saves the Leave Application, the status of the Leave Application changes to ‘Open’, and an email is sent to the Leave Approver for approval. The Leave Approval Notification Template can be configured in HR Settings under the Leave Settings section.
  • Once the Leave Approver receives the email, they can Approve, Reject, or Cancel the Leave Application. Once this is done, the Leave Approver can submit the Leave Application. On submission, the status of the document changes accordingly, and an email is sent to the Employee notifying them the same.
  • Approver gets notification via email. For this, the “Follow via Email” checkbox should be checked.

A leave approver is a user who can approve a Leave Application of an Employee. In Frappe HR version 12, Leave Approvers can be set at two levels:

  • Department Level: Leave Approvers for each department can be configured in the Department master. Multiple Leave Approvers can be set in a Department. The first Leave Approver in the list will be considered as the default Leave Approver.Leave Application - Leave ApproversWhen an Employee belonging to a particular department applies for leave, the Leave Approvers set in that Employee’s department master will be considered as his Leave Approvers.

Please check the documentation, if you want to get more details.

I hope this helps.

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thank you for your reply