I have message "Lead not found" after login

Hi everyone please, I have created a patient and invited him to be a user of the site. The patient manages to change his password but when he wants to log in I get this message. Lead not found.

I have created the lead manually but still the same error. I don’t really have any ideas about this please need help.

Thanks for your help.



Thanks for your help.

I am unable to reproduce this error.

Can you please share versions of Frappe, ERPNext & Healthcare app that you are using?

Also, if you are seeing any tracebacks, please share that as well.

Yes thank.
My erpnext version


I have looked at the web.log and web.error.log files with the $ tail command but no log appears when the error occurs.

Hai Chillar, this isn’t an healthcare module issue, rather the framework(or erpnext itself).


Check your Portal Settings.
If you have set the default role on signup as Customer or Supplier, either remove it or set it as some other role.
Save and then try logging in.

This isn’t a proper solution, rather a workaround.

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Hello thank you for your answer but it doesn’t work for me.
The default role in the portal is patient. I removed this role and I left it empty but still nothing.

When I refresh the page the user is logged in

Hi everyone, please something new here ?