I have problem to change website setting (landing page ) somebody help me

Which page are you going to set as Home Page. It must be webpage as mentioned in message, contact, login ,index …etc

I was change to test purpose landing page home to products after that i cant set any other page getting that massage and always going to products page so when i type my ip address landing page showing second picture

It is webpage? It must be Web Page. create webpage, then set it as Home Page.

i cannot change any other page this is stuck with products

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Which page ?
Have you created webpage? Please create it and then set it as Home Page. Because it not allows to set you any other page as Landing page

I am not created any web page . i jest try to change landing page home to Products then save it. next day (this is no mater ) i try to change default means home page but i stuck with that i cannot change that

pls check this gif file

Hi @sammish,

The issue is replicable. Thanks for reporting. Please open a github issue for it.

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ok i will do

This Github issue #9184 resolves the problem. Perhaps it is useful to add the Product Setting menu item to the Website Module.