I have problems with the docker installation since the update may 2022

Hello, I have been an EPRNEXT user for a while and I install erpnext from docker following the steps, I always follow them but I didn’t do anything different this time and it doesn’t want to install me, I got an error with the configurator

and when I see the docker log because it doesn’t work I get this error
exec /usr/local/bin/configure.py: exec format error

I’m not a guru, but do you need both compose.yaml files?
From my reading of the docs, I thought you only needed the one in ~/gitops

no, you need an erpnext one.yaml to deploy to that folder

why is your docker compose project showing 2/2?

It needs more services. Make sure the correct yaml with all services is generated.

this image seems to have all services recreated.

command to check all containers is docker container ls --all

command to check running containers is docker ps

command to check container logs: docker logs container-name

check if configuration container had file permission error.


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I have the exact same issue here, I have checked about the volume permission error and is not the problem, I am trying to deploy docker into oracle cloud.