I have run the bench start with no hup. Don't know how to stop it now


My issue to I started bench with

nohup bench start &

and I don’t know how to stop it now. I have setup it on a different machine and kill the port 8000. also, kill the Redis port but I was not able to run the project again. It got some error.
So I can’t kill port directly.
Please let me know how to stop this. Also after running the command, I have logged out from the server. so it becomes the process of init and not accessible with the jobs command.

Not sure, but probably…

sudo kill -9 $(ps -ef |grep nohup | awk ‘{print $2}’)

The bracketed portion will get the process ID, and the kill will terminate that process ID

@trentmu does it stop Redis server too and all other running processes with next?

I think it will terminate everything in the nohup “sandbox” - but I am not 100% sure