I keep getting an error since I've tried adding a domain name to my ERPNext installation

I was having the same issue as in this thread (https://discuss.frappe.io/t/setting-up-a-domain-name/33329).

Since trying the instructions I can no longer access ERPNext. All I keep getting is the "Sorry! We will be back soon. " screen.

Please help.

Can you please post the commands you executed, in the exact order, so we can try to replicate the issue, and fix it.

bench setup add-domain catalyst.northgateglobal.com --site site1.local
bench config dns_multitenant on
bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx restart

That’s when I got the error. I then tried to get it to work via port by turning off dns_multitenant.

bench config dns_multitenant off
bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx restart

This did not help so ran the original steps to have dns_multitenant on.

Check if the file sites/currentsite.txt, is empty.

I had this same issue multiple times until i figured out what the issue is. Maybe we can’t figure out fully how dns multitenant works and how to set it up without glitches so to fix your issue you have to use port-based multitenancy. Run the following:

bench set-nginx-port insert your domain name here 80
bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx reload

This should fix your issue.

It only has: catalyst.northgateglobal.com

so you actually renamed your current site?

Make sure the sites/currentsite.txt is empty. Don’t delete the file. Keep the file, but make sure it is empty.

AFAIK I did not. I thought changing the name meant changing it from site1.local to something else.

Does not appear to have made a difference

I think I already tried this. I may try it again.

It worked. Thanks. In agreement with the multitenant_dns. I also emptied the sites/currentsite.txt file.

Thanks again guys