I m not getting Material Request notification automatically when item reaches reorder level

What I tried
>Created an item named teacup and stored in warehouse named Store-My
>Mentioned reorder quantity as 50 and reorder level as 25 and saved(also enabled Raise Material Request when stock reaches re-order level and Notify by Email on creation of automatic Material Request)
>Created Purchase receipt for an item tea cup and mentioned received quantity as 50 and submitted
>After that I created stock entry in that I transferred(Material Transfer) 36 teacups to warehouse named Finished Goods-My and submitted
>After that I not received any notification in Material request (notification about teacup )
My question is
>I mentioned teacup reorder level as 25 and when that reaches below reorder level(I transferred 35 teacup out of 50) it is not  Raising Material Request automatically?
I don't know exactly How it works so if I m wrong please correct me and help me I m new to ERPNext


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i have facing same error