I need help with my lost RFQ link

I somehow lost the link which is embedded in an RFQ . I mean the link which the supplier clicks on to enter ERPnext from within the RFQ message.

ERPnext sent me what looks like ‘code’ to replace the old RFQ. Could you guide me as to what i should do with the code?

I have no technical experience so plain English would be appreciated


Check Email Queue for the log of emails triggered from your ERPNext account. The Email Queue record will also contain the link emailed to that Supplier.

Setup > Email > Email Queue

If you are not able to find one, you can simply send one more email to that Supplier.

Hi Umar
Just to be sure we are talking about the same thing. I mean the link that
“Submit your quotation” is missing. There is also no ‘email queue’ under
setup. Hope you can guide me

Sir. I am still unable to restore the link ‘submit my quote’ in the RFQ. I have followed your instruction to simply send another RFQ but the link does not appear. Please help.