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Funeral Admin System(FAMS)

Funeral Administration Management System web-based data management system designed to assist business owners (e.g. funeral undertakers, administrators) improve the day-to-day running and managing of their businesses. This system offers:

Remote access and control of management protocols;
The capability to monitor premium collections and keep you informed by way of reports with regards to non-paying clients;
Minimise cancellations and improve customer loyalty.

Benefits for you and your business

Benefits of the Funeral Administration and Management System are as follows:

The system is adaptable and can be tailor-made to the specific demands and requirements of your business.
It allows you to capture your members onto a system and move away from manual processes.
It enables electronic management of data and/or members information.
It assists with electronic payment collection and receipting, data capturing, membership certificates, detailed reports, SMS communication to end customers and employee performance management.
Increased data integrity and improved customer experience.

In order to use the Funeral Administration and Management System you require a computer, point of sale printer, internet access and a scanner.

Removing paper-based processes and keeping you in control of tracking income and expenses of your business.
Assisting you to keep in touch as the system is web based and may be accessed anywhere at any time.

We remain committed to our goal of assisting you, our customers, and the end consumers. It is our firm belief that an addition of FAMS to the service offering is a great step towards achieving this goal. Let us continue to work together and do great things.
Adding value to Funeral Practitioners

Take a look at how the Funeral Administration and Management System can assist Funeral Parlour business owners:
Scheme Policy Management:

Enable accurate data capturing
Filing and archiving of data
Maintenance of data integrity
Quick access to policy records

Management of Funeral Parlour Operations:

Cash flow – income and expenses
Stock Inventory (coffins and tombstones)
Multiple Office Records
System Access Control and Regulation

Customer Benefits

Helping you make your business more profitable.
Providing access to your customer information at the touch of a button.
Ensuring maximum levels of service to all your clients.
Accounts reconciliation.

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