I need only "CRM", what do I do

plz help me right i do customize the erpnext for my working company they need only crm …what can i do

1, right now i only did install the app in linux machine
2, administrator have all option
3, create the sales team i add the modules called “crm and todo” … and i add the same module called crm and todo for my sales manager and sales master manager

4, here my question they dont want erp first they need only crm but i love the erpnext application what i want to do ,…they need only crm means if i submitt quotation in crm it will ask item name and all …what can i do??

-Without Installation of ERPNext You can not see CRM.
-So First install ERPNext,
Login to sales Manager,Sales Master Manager.
Hide Others Module from “All Application”.

  • And Give Respective Permissions those you want.
    For example- Sales Manager want to create Quotation but for that Require “Item”.
    so give permission to sales manager where he can Create,Read,Write item.

Refer Following link.

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can u please explain me list out “modules link” procedure wants to complete the entire modules to "erpnext "

example 1, crm = lead - oppurtunity - quatation then

2 , stock is linked with crm because what we are given to customer like that

@sheik check this out https://frappe.github.io/erpnext/user/manual/en/introduction/key-workflows.html

thanks you really i like " erpnext " i am simply mad

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