I need to Balancing off Temporary Opening balance in Trial Balance

we are having around 45,89,858.39 in Temporary Opening how to net off this one

How you created your opening balance entry? The temporary opening balance should be zero if you put complete balance sheet items

@ushashmi, Last year opening balance is correct, this year we made some changes in closing balance so difference amount we posted to Temporary Opening, we want to net off that amount in trial balance

You made changes through Journal Entry?

ya correct, i changed some closing balance example stock so difference amount i posted there

How you make Journal Entry in stock? System dont accept JE in stock GLs

On the other side if this is a correction entry for closing balance then either it should be charged to Profit and Loss account or it becomes part of opening balance equity or retained earnings. Your accountant should be in a better position to answer this

sorry it’s store and temp stock

@ushashmi Can you suggest me how to net off this amount

If you have made adjustment in stock then you might have done it through stock entry or stock reconciliation. Please check where the corresponding entry for that reconciliation went and you can nock off both accounts. By default it goes to stock adjustment account