I need to create a frappe.dialog something like that

please someone to help me, I need to create a frappe.dialog something like that

Something like what? Can you be more specific?

something like the picture in a frappe dialog (section search, list product, list price)

Does it have to be a dialog? You will probably have more success rendering to an HTML field.

Create a custom field like that:

yes like that and add tables, you have the idea how i can create something like that @Leonardo_Augusto

If I understood your point, you need a chiltable

Christian…puedes utilizar el pos.js como inspiración o quizás del timer aquí erpnext/erpnext/public/js/projects/timer.js

Here are some dialog resources:
The Frappe guide (short but essential): Dialogs Types
Custom width: [Tutorial] Custom size dialog in ERPNext
More styling (discuss → ERPNext example): How to style elements inside frappe dialog

Buena suerte.

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thanks @tmatteson I served custom dialog and you know how to add a table with html and fill that table with a sql query

Yes I do. It’s several steps and kinda complex.

  1. Setup an HTML docfield in your dialog - the custom dialog type in that tutorial has an example
  2. Write a callback that calls a:
    2A) python method with SQL query (frappe.db.sql)
    2B) returns that data as a dictionary
  3. Make your table template (in the Resig microtemplate format)
  4. Render into the html field with the render_template function with the output of the python function

To be fair this process was very difficult for me to learn as a beginner and new in the frappe system, but I’ve done a lot of it now and while I’m more comfortable with putting data into rendered HTML tables in frappe, it’s still not easy. Based on your questions, I think you should expect this project to be difficult.

Si quieres que ayudemos, podemos con paciencia de ambos.

Hola @tmatteson si me puedes ayudar con el codigo de un ejemplo seria genial…

Puedo. Necesito un poco de tiempo para incluir en mi proyecto HTML Demo aquĂ­:

Dos dias? Talvez un poco mas.