I need to create additional salary for overtime

Hi all,
I need to create additional salary for the salary component “Overtime” but i cant able use the same payroll date for all employees my payroll date is 1may to 31 may

Thanks in Advance

Maybe the payroll is already created, and if it is, you can’t add additional salary entries. First, create and submit the additional salary, then create the payroll and test it.

additional salary only not able to submit on 1May 2024 for all employees i checked there is no payroll and additional salary already not created ; I need for all employees Additional salary with salary component “overtime” withj May 1,2024 for all employees i need to submit
Thanks in Advance

Try with another component and test it locally.

tried with "Bonus’ salary component also ,the problem is for example , for employeeA i created additional salary on the date 1 May 2024 and also i need to create employee B additional salary on the date 1May 2024 for both employees same component like bonus or overtime