I need to customize FileUpload Dialog

I want to add custom field to File DocType, I’ve added this custom field in customization form and it’s mandatory but it’s not showing in the upload dialog.

Thanks in advance.

Mostafa Yasin
Software Engineer @ Lavaloon

Hi Mostafa Yasin,
You have add the fields on dialog for that you have to customise dialog , just adding the field to file doctype won’t work.
Please let us know the use case, so that it will be easy to understand.

Hi @sagarg,

Sorry for the late reply. I just need the system administrator to provide the attachment type
whenever he uploads a new file,

for example when attaching Driver's License… he chooses the image file then choose the **attachment type from a drop down list Driver's License and it’s mandatory, this crashes when uploading with the Quick Entry Dialog.

Thank you for replying.

Hi @mostafayasin,
Please share the screenshot so that it will be easy understand.

You can also create a custom DocType, for example Driving License and add an Attach field

I have an issue. I have a field of attach on custom dialog. when Im trying to save add attachment on dialog system is going to save attachment against the doctype where Im. Same code on other doctype working fine the attachment is not going to save against doctype.

Please help, thanks in advance