I received notice to login before my account gets deleted but it was already deleted

I received this email on Oct 7 2018. On October 8 2018 I tried to log in but my data does not show up any more. This is the second time this has happened. I was about to hire someone to help me get it up and running. Most of it was already done.

Dear Herbert Jaffe,

Your ERPNext account, new-united.erpnext.com is inactive for over 30 days. Please login once in the next 10 days to keep it active. If you do not login, your account will be deleted.

If you need help or are stuck, head to the user forum or read the manual.

You can also watch ERPNext tutorial videos


ERPNext Team

Hi Herb,

Your public website continues to be present - could you not login ok, were you refused or get a message about some problem?

Please be more specific what you mean here “my data does not show up any more”

I found this too, have you emailed support@erpnext.com about your case

Hi John,

I am on my own on this project so I thank you for your reply. I did not get any error message. When I signed on all I saw was the large E Icon and about 5 lines of text in the background instead of the Desktop with all the Icons I usually see. But somehow I have been able to successfully sign in again. And yes I have emailed support a few times in the past. It has been a work in progress. What is the ERPNEXT North America Chapter?

**Thank you

New United Distributing Co. Inc. 6917 Carnegie Ave. Cleveland Ohio 44103 800-800-7343 Fax 216-881-4073 newunited.biz

Hi Herb

OK good you can login, so your account has not been deleted.

If your desktop seems confused look for the Reload menu item; to run that may help.

This forum thrives on questions answers and learnings for all.

You asked about Chapters - the list is growing with some now in our Western Hemisphere


For support here’s a list of service providers https://erpnext.org/service-providers