I run marketing research agency - is there functionality to manage respondents?

Hi there!

ERPNext looks great, and I’d like to use it in company widely.

I run marketing research agency - we involve new perticipants (respondents) all the time. They are not clients, they are a kind of our production resource.
We need to register them, collect necessary information (name, contacts, age, sex, customer preferences, country, city, social networks profiles, marketing research participation dates, etc.)

Manager, preparing project, needs to pick up some amount of those people (25, 50, 75, 100, different) automated way, and send invitation to participate with instructions.
Then to register who has participated, their incentive (agregate with accounting), and mark participation in DB.

Is there necessary functionality in ERPNext? How is it called?

Thanks for help in advance!


Welcome to ERPNext community.

You can use Lead for capturing information about participants. In the Lead, you can insert custom fields for tracking more details as per your requirement.

For sending invitation, you can create Newsletter List. Check following link to learn more.



Thank you for explanation and useful link.
I’m afraid, creating leads for respondents we will mix them with Clients, for whom we also will create leads.

Or there is some way to avoid this?
Also, is it possible to mark in DB each time we involve respondent in project, which also will be created in ERPNext?

You can create custom forms / tables to track our respondents


I’m maybe too late
but how I could have access to those two dead link ?