I think I found some bug in Expense Claim

An employee has filed for expense claim at different times and payment has been made at different times.
The general ledger for the employee is attached below:

And the screenshot of expense claim is as below:

I am interested in the doc HR-EXP-2022-00020 where sanctioned amount is 30750, which lists paid amount is 43080 and still, the status is unpaid.

Here’s a screenshot of the doc HR-EXP-2022-00020.

Here is the two payment entries associated with this doc.

Is this working correctly or is that really a bug ?

Anyone can help on this ?

@flexy2ky @rmehta @peterg

I too agree upon same, I have also faced similar issue. For example - Lets say you were creating payment entry (PAY-2022-00090) against one expense (HR-EXP-2022-001) claim but due to workflow the payment is not submitted and someone tries to create another payment entry (PAY-2022-00092) for same expense claim (HR-EXP-2022-001).

And now submit both the payment entry in bulk. It is allowing to submit payment more than expense amount which should be not allowed.

Looks like no one really has the solution. It would be great if someone could create a issue with this problem. May be it needs fixing at source.