I tried running on a Raspberry pi 4b

So… I work in a very small office and have a pair of Raspberry Pi 4b’s at my disposal and thought I’d try running ERPNext on one of the pi’s running Ubuntu 21 Server… I eventually got it all ironed out but boy is it ever S-L-O-W! Definitely not something that people could use daily! It frequently takes 5+ seconds to do a single operation. My Pi has 8Gb of RAM (the biggest offered on the 4b) and running a fairly fast microusb card for the storage. Anyway… I just thought I’d throw that out there for people considering a Pi for ERPNext (15 in this case). Thankfully we’ve got a brand-new Dell rack server that will be installed tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be getting a virtual Ubuntu installation on that and it and other apps should purr right along…


That is awesome. :100:

My home’s internet router + firewall is a Raspberry Pi 4. It’s been absolutely fantastic, outperforming anything I’ve ever purchased commercially. Extremely stable. It ran for over 1 year without a reboot. The only reason I had to turn it off, is because I moved to a new house.


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