I try to make contracts have serial names

Hello all
I try to make contracts have serial names instead of the customer’s name.
Is there a way to do this?

Maybe explain and distinguish serial names from Naming Series

edit: Please state your problem use case with clues and pointers to what you have tried and what you seek

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thank you
I have reviewed the article
But he does not explain the steps in detail
Is there a detailed explanation to make a Custom Field in Naming Series

The forum is a self-help Q&A gold mine - what prevents you from searching?

In fact, I tried and tried to apply some of the results I got but failed with me

like this :

I tried to add a custom field but could not find its type and how it can be linked with the Naming Series

That’s good you are making progress with your learning here!

edit: This may give you ideas and clues Projects automatic numbering – workaround using client custom script - #10 by martin42

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I am also facing the same challenge while generating naming series for contracts. Did you find any solution?

I create Property Setter like this:

If you’re using v13 or develop branch, try using Document naming instead:


This is not working in contracts. And I tried document naming rule but dynamic series is appearing like .MM.-.YY.-

Any help would be much apppreciated