I wanna 7.0x but without update come 7.1

I have an issue when i install the VM with my box come the version beta even if i don’t make the bench update always my version is v7.1 beta and i wanna 7.0x someone no where can i make the download of the 7.0.x version.

Thanks for help

The VM is on the latest version. Downgrading is not recommended in ERPNext. any reason you want to switch to v7.0 specifically.

The production VM is the latest master. The develop version is always the latest

Ok thanks, i want the v7.0.x because i need the BOM and in the v7.1 doens’t have it, or when i want a new production order there’s no option “new” like the v7.0.x.
Well thanks for help.

This is likely due to permissions. Version 7.1 has not removed the manufacturing module.

Check the roles that you have permissions for.

Ohh yeah, thank you so much for help @Ben_Cornwell_Mott