I want back button in ERPNext

Is it possible to have or create back button ( :back: )to go back one step?

If you want details of the process you may read the explanation as below:
Suppose when I want to make a payment for a customer invoice, I go to make payment request by mistake and then I want to go back one step to choose make then payment.
Right now I have to click on E button and then Sales Invoice icon then Customer then invoice then Make then payment. Instead after being in Make payment request screen I should be able press the back button and the Invoice screen for that customer should be displayed and then I can choose from Make button. There should be a back button :back: somewhere at top left corner of the screen to go back one step.
Thank you in advance.

@Amarjeet_Singh_Sintu, just press Backspace button

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Thank you sir but Nothing happens when I press > Backspace button of the keyboard. My ERPNext version is 7.0.58

If you are using the Chrome Browser you need Alt + Backspace in Windows or Linux and Cmd + Backspace in Mac OS, Google developers decided that a simple backspace to return is not enought :smile:

@max_morais_dmm Even with Alt + Backspace Nothing happens sir
I tried Edge browser and backspace button works. So this problem of mine is partially solved. In Chrome browser I don’t know how to go back though.

Or you could try command + right arrow key on a mac. Works with both FF and Safari

I am using Windows 10 (Chrome Browser) and none of these commands work: Backspace, Alt + Backspace, CTR + Backspace, CTR + Right Arrow Key, Alt +Right arrow key.

Is there any another option for go back???

Using customization can we add the back/next button in the existing system??

If you know please let me know…