I want to achieve same orders and invoice thing in the customer website view

I had created a custom doc type for my ads booking system. One is of to check the status of the booked thing and the other is download booking reciept. It is approx same like order and invoice thing in ecommerce.

So I want to show it same just like frappe is showing their orders and invoices to the customer. Can somebody help me with this?? How will I show my all the entries related to specific customer in web page

So Instead of frappe order things I will have entries from my doctype regarding to the specific customer and will display there. Image for ref

I have founded one blog article Leveraging Portals in ERPNext

It is approximately what I wanted but the issue is it is through code is there any way to achieve the result just by using the desk.

I had seen we are using Document refer in sidebar so there might be some way we can include the data or entries related to the specific doc type