I want to add home logo inside application navbar

I want to add this home logo inside application navbar ,i added in login page but it’s not coming inside app


@NCP logo is there i set already but i want add “HOME symbol” common for all page

means one button beside logo

You said, inside.

Now said, :sweat_smile:

Share the full screenshot or video.

Brand Image, Splash Image, FavIcon, Footer Logo, and App Logo are set in the website settings. so explore it.

I added successfully in login page , using brand image via website settings

Same as login page I want inside app after login hope u got it

After login, you can set the logo from the Navbar Settings as I told you before. There is no option to add multiple things.

@NCP i understand but my requirement is to put one home icon beside logo

I set logo already

Any other way to set like, we can set multiple things in login page but why not inside app

Brand logo having multiple options via html code
But in navbar setting we do don’t have HTML option to set multiple things

No possible from the UI side.

If you want to add then please add it in the below file.

@NCP but where I have to put css code and image

You have to find the navbar related code.