I want to add leave approver button in leave application mail

Whenever the mail is send to the leave approver. I want to add One button “approve” in the mail, so that leave approver doesn’t have to login in the system for that.
Please tell me how should i proceed?

Configure Workflow for Leave Application

@rk_root Yes but how does that add a button on a mail?

@rk_root I get it. Thanks
I am getting the button now.
Screenshot from 2024-01-28 10-31-19

But when i am clicking on approve or reject
Screenshot from 2024-01-28 10-32-20
it is giving me this error

@rk_root hi
i am able to approve or reject the attendance from the mail now. But i also want add template in the mail like this.
Screenshot from 2024-01-29 11-12-36