I want to add Pan no to Salary slip

I want to add Pan no in salary slip which will be linked with employee master where i have created a custom filed Pan no.

@Sumit_das you want and i want :slight_smile: but whats the problem your facing??

am not able to do so.

i have added a custom filed in employee master “Pan no” but how to connect the field to HR salary slip with print ( bellow bank details )

@Sumit_Das , You have to add custom field Pan No on Employee as well as on Salary Slip. While creating Employee you have to enter Pan No and in salary slip when you select employee then respective Pan No automatically fetch on Salary Slip.

For that you have to set Options value as employee.pan_no in salary slip’s Pan No field and type is Readonly.

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@priya_s Thanks a Lot. :slight_smile: