I want to create a simpler interface for timesheet against work order

We are a manufacturer, but so far we have not really been using the work order component of the MRP module. We have now started to create work orders, but have however, not been updating timesheets and quantity of products manufactured.

The process of updating timesheets is itself too complicated for our operational staff. Most of them are not computer literate, and having them navigate to the timesheet input is going to pose major challenges for us.

I want to create an alternate interface, which is simpler, and contains a very simple form which the operators can enter the quantity processed for each operation.

I am fairly new to ERPNext and python, but I am a developer, so I can learn quickly. I would appreciate some pointers to
a) the best technical approach to this requirement - custom form, custom app or API?
b) pointers to examples/tutorial that can get me started quickly.

Are you trying to have employee enter number of items produced at their workstation? Have you looked at Job Card, instead of timesheet? Otherwise you can customize both Job Card and Timesheet forms in Setup.


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I am trying to do exactly that @smino. Thanks for pointing me towards the Job Card. I am familiar with the customise form interface. I will explore that.