I want to create a supplier report (SOLVED)

NOTE! I found this type of report exists, even though the previous question was closed without saying this…
So nothing needed (don’t know how to delete this…)

This was asked previously, and the answer was that “it can’'t be built by the user as complex reports would impact performance too much” but “tell us what you want and we will build a standard report”. The submitter had identified what they wanted in the initial post, but I can’t see that anything was ever done (and the topic is now closed).

So now I would like the same thing… with a few additions
The report should have:

Supplier ID
Supplier Name
Supplier Type
Supplier Phone #
Contact First Name ← for the “Is Primary” contact, with an option to print all linked contacts
Contact Last Name
Contact Email ID
Contact Phone
Address Type ← for the “Is Primary” address, with an option to print all linked addresses
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Address City/Town
Address State
Address Country
Address Postal Code


@marabsky can you please post the link of the topic you are referring to in your post?
I don’t quite get the context of what you are saying.

Also could you describe what you actually want to achieve with this? Is it something like an account balance per supplier, so you’d see on one page what your business might owe to a supplier?

And … why did you mark your headline with a capital (SOLVED)? It doesn’t seem to me your question has been answered (aka the report you are looking for has been done) actually