I want to create challan not invoice

I want to create challan of some products which affects inventory but not affect account/ledger. Because we do weekly payment not daily basis, how can I handle it?

Hi there,

You can use either a Delivery Note or a Sales Order + Delivery Note, depending on the workflow you want to achieve.

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First create a delivery note. The delivery note will deduct your inventory level.

After that you can create an invoice from the order/delivery challan whenever the payment is received.


  1. Delivery note: Delivery Note

2 Sales Invoice: Sales Invoice

Order → Invoice/DN → DN/Invoice flow:

Make a Delivery Note, It will deduct your inventory. Create a custom print format with the Heading Challan and choose the field which you want to list in your challan and use this print format instead of standard delivery note print format. Probably this could be the solution.