I want to get field from child table into parent table for query report

I want to get some fields of child table into parent table for a query report. I am struggling to write query for that. Help me to do so.

In order for you to be able to read data from child table you can do the following:

var child_table = frm.doc.name_of_child_table;
$.each(child_table , function(index, row){
    		if (row.field_name !== ""){
    			data = row.field_name;
    			    	\\whatever you want to do with said data

or you can also extract data from the sql table using:


tabChild table table the name field will have the name of the parent (e.g in a child table for client named “George” there are as many rows in the tabChild table as there are rows in the parent with “George” in it’s name field