I want to Import child doctype table rows using excel in a document

I have a child doctype table called ‘Customer Attribute Based Coupons’ in a parent doctype called ‘Coupon’ there I want to add rows in the child table from an excel where Customer Attribute column will have the name of the attribute such as - Phone Number, Email, Gender and in the Attribute Value column there will be the value of the attribute i.e. for Phone Number it will be a specific phone number. How can I achieve this?

@rupam66 , Better enter one entry and go to import data and download Template with data. Then you will have a clear Idea.

I want to have a button for import and by clicking on that button I will be able to send the Excel file in the Python backend which will contain the ‘Customer Attribute’ and ‘Attribute Value’ columns with respective data. Then after processing the Excel file in the backend, It will return the Excel data in such a format that I will be able to process that data using client script and populate the child tables rows.