I want to map domain name to my erpnext project running on digital ocean

Hi, i have my erpnext project running on digital ocean. I want map domain name to that ip.
Can someone tell what will be the flow of this?

Based on your domain provider (eg:GoDaddy etc) you will need to add an “A” record in the DNS section which will map to the public IP of your Digital Ocean Server.

hi @Pawan Thanks for replying.
Do i have to make any changes in config files.
I have a port number 8000. I can’t point directly to port. Need some in proxy.


sudo bench setup production

^ this will throw errors and you will need to fill in the missing details (i.e. user, etc.) and rerun the command.

once it succeeds, your sites will now be on port 80 and you can configure 443 too later for https. when you’ve added the A record on your domain console, you should be able to access your site using your domain

@mincerray i did run this command. I am trying this thing on my testing server.
now when i am running this ip without port number

this is displaying

How can i run it without port number?

You can refer the following [link] (Setup Multitenancy) for multi tenancy.