I want to modify the employee check in/out form as a self service form

In v12.1.6, the employee check-in/out feature is what I need to automate the clocking in and out times for our employees. However I want to modify the functionality as follows.

  1. The screen should be offered to all users without being logged in. Since we are manufacturing unit, most of our staff will not have login accounts
  2. The function should be self service, so that employees can perform the check in/out themselves.
  3. The screen should be simplified by using buttons and icons instead of dropdowns.

I am quite happy to start the customisation on my own. I just cannot figure a starting point. It appears the checkin screen is based on the standard doc type form rendering.

I would appreciate being pointed to a good starting point for the customisation of the form, or creation of an alternative form.

My advice would be to install a biometric time attendance device and integrate to your instance. So rather than employees having to use a pc for clock-in/clock-out, they can do same with their fingerprint or card and you get the same result and better control with less time and effort to implement.


It may complicate the things more that what you are trying to eliminate. I would the same what @flexy2ky suggested, go with biometric device. Lots of biometric devices are there which can be integrated with your ERPNext application directly. The biometrid devices are listed at Buy Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control System With Web API or Online SDK | Cams Biometrics