I want to perform CRUD operations from node.js

How to get my MariaDB database details into my node application?
// config/connection.js
module.exports = {
host: ‘your-mariadb-host’, // e.g., ‘localhost’ or an IP address
user: ‘your-mariadb-username’, // e.g., ‘root’
password: ‘your-mariadb-password’, // e.g., ‘password’
database: ‘your-mariadb-database’, // e.g., ‘frappe_database’
port: 3306 // default MariaDB port

How can get these details from mariadb ?

most info is included in:
frappe-bench/sites/yoursitename.com/site_config.json. This has user, password and database.

host is the IP address of your server (or DNS name if you have DNS setup on your network)
MariaDB port is the standard 3306 (unless you changed it)