I want to set the Doctypes under side menu in frappe ERP next (v15)?

i want to set the Doctypes under the side menu in frappe ERP next Desk (v15). How to set this anyone can help me please…
Thanks in Advance.

i don’t need to create a workspace module under side menu. I need only doctype shortcut is set to side menu…
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Hi @Bolasai,

Here I applied the shortcut in Item Lisview so please check it.

Listview Client script:

frappe.listview_settings['Item'] = {
    onload: function(listview) {
        var customOptions = [
            { label: "Item Group", doctype: "Item Group" },
            { label: "UOM", doctype: "UOM" }
            // Add more options as needed

        function createCustomDropdown() {
            var $listGroupBy = $(".sidebar-section.save-filter-section");

            // Create dropdown menu
            var $dropdownMenu = $('<li class="group-by-field list-link">' +
                '<a class="btn btn-default btn-sm list-sidebar-button" data-toggle="dropdown" aria-haspopup="true" aria-expanded="false">' +
                '<span>Shortcut DocType</span>' +
                '<span><svg class="icon icon-xs"><use class="" href="#icon-select"></use></svg></span>' +
                '</a>' +
                '<ul class="dropdown-menu" role="menu"></ul>' +


            var $dropdownList = $dropdownMenu.find('.dropdown-menu');
            customOptions.forEach(function(option) {
                var $optionItem = $('<li><a href="">' + option.label + '</a></li>');
                $optionItem.click(function() {
                    frappe.set_route("List", option.doctype);



I hope this helps.

Thank You!


I need to add this customer Doctype inside sidebar menu. When we will click the customer, list of the customers are open Directly…
Thanks for your Response…

perhaps, not possible.

Actually i did this using workspace but when i will click the customers it will opens the shortcut doctype. But client Requirement is when we will click the left side customers it will directly shows the list of customers is it possible ?

Thankyou in Advance…

did you found any solution?