I want to show its number not its name

Hey guys:
the problem is this pic.

I let Customer number in sales order link to Customer ,
and the Pull-down menus show its name not its customer NO.

now , I want to let the Pull-down menus shows its customer NO. not its name
how can I do for that ?

The link field can show only the name field.
You can make the Customer No as the name field

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THX for Uโ€™r help~~
But I really want to know the thing about that

the Pull-down menus shows information like
Full Nameใ€Customer Group and Territory.

Can I let it shows another information like type or Customer No. in the pull-down menus?

This functionality is handled by Search fields field in the doctype. Unfortunately you canโ€™t modify it using Customize Form.

OK , it sounds sad , but also thanks for uโ€™r help

@1119 you can use this app:

It use title_links field instead of name when selected

really really โ€ฆthank U ~~~~~